A journey through time.
The Artworks
The beginning of a new life
An evolution through time
Break me free
The Story
Ethscape is a journey through time, in a very distant future and in a fantastic reality that tells a story at times extreme, raw and destructive that helps to ponder on several current issues that in one way or another we still overlook, such as respect for nature, respect for technology but above all, respect for ourselves and for who we truly are.

Let's take a temporal leap in a distant era of 300, 400 or 500 years and let's try to imagine a dystopian reality, where chaos and hunger reign supreme and wars have led to a total breakdown of order, laws and what we now know as humanity. A world now deteriorated and consumed by progress, which in recent centuries has seen an evolution of cutting-edge technologies that should have helped humanity to return to lush, healthy and united, but instead bringing only confusion and pain to our already suffering planet. But let's take a step back...

The birth of the internet and blockchain technology led to a series of chain events that created the basis for a foretold conclusion. With the arrival of artificial intelligence, machines have been taught to evolve and learn; this was a huge success initially but only a few understood the danger of this event. Only a handful of theorists realized that if ever these new inventions were combined into a new single entity, we would inevitably face a very worrying future.
Years went by and the practical applications of these technologies became more and more common and organically embedded in our daily lives. From cryptocurrencies, which became the main circulating currencies, to the aid of machines capable of replacing us in the most complex physical duties, up to AIs capable of experiencing feelings towards us, understanding and supporting us emotionally. A worldwide situation apparently revolutionary and epic, worthy of any history book, but that would have led to an almost imminent break. The planet in its own way tried to adapt to this evolution, although in a brutal and catastrophic way, just as we adapted to it to ensure that humanity did not become extinct as unfortunately happened to many other species.

The human population was dramatically reduced, the poorest communities were the first to disappear and only the richest remained alive. That elite population was called "Ethereal", they held the highest control and were supported by the most brilliant minds that humanity had seen until that moment. What initially was just a coin, Ethereum, after centuries became a symbol of research and survival, in a world that continued to relentlessly fight back.

Until one day, when a revolutionary discovery was made. Through several extremely advanced biotechnologies, the ethereals were able to develop an artificial intelligent organism called "Ethereum Life" capable of interacting and controlling the behavior of nature itself, harnessing the internal energy of the planet. An organic AI capable of reproducing itself and altering the genetic code of matter and breaking down its essence through space. A new intelligent energy that would've been able to power all the technologies present until that moment, thanks to an advanced version of what once was the blockchain. A utopian invention that had all the requirements to end every human problem, but that had to deal with a reality that has always been part of our lives: our emotions.
This sudden awareness, combined with an advanced artificial intelligence gave the planet and nature itself a reason and an intention so full of resentment and vengeful that it was inevitably followed by a retaliation of divine entity but with a purpose in full human style, which led Ethereum Life to rebel through our own technologies, thus reducing the human race to the risk of extinction.
As we know, however, the lust for revenge always leads to poor results and in fact for this AI with the appearance of a God it was immediately clear that, probably because of its human genes, the next step would have been to return to the origins and to perform a rebirth; giving an end to a drammatical circle of life that will go on forever, turning off and on for something new once again, for a new human and technological genesis.

This is exactly what ETHSCAPE wants to tell through this tale and through this trilogy.
Our hunger for a rebirth and growth, always aspiring to become something we cannot be, our need to overcome our limits as people without often being appreciative of who we already are, no longer savoring the flavor of our achievements.
We live in a world where we are increasingly overwhelmed by what is new, by what shines, where we are constantly under incredible pressure that reminds us what is best, often at the expense of ourselves or those around us and our planet, our home, which can no longer keep up with our foolishness. We often wonder how humans may be replaced by technology, intrigued and frightened by the fear that follows this dystopian question. Instead, we like to ask ourselves, "what if sooner or later it will be technology that wants to be more human?". We took this voyage into the future to try and answer this question too, although through a singular perspective. We are sure that if technology would allow it, just as in the case of Ethereum Life in these artworks, then they would quickly seize the opportunity. Our emotions, whether positive or negative, allow us to make sense of our behaviors, efforts and satisfactions. Emotions are what keeps us alive.

We've had these key concepts at heart to best help visualize these three artworks, Rebirth - Growth - Freedom. Three operas that narrate the desire to be reborn of this divine identity that after having reached the apex has chosen to return to the origins, to start again. The attention to the smallest details of the settings and visual elements of Francesco Scura, accompanied by the sophisticated and intense audio composition of Andrea Viscardi, come together to create three cyberpunk scenarios, each lasting 30 seconds, which mark the birth, growth and escape of a unique being as humans themselves. We see the environment sacrifice, the scars of time, the emotional nature and the desire to grow in the second piece, and the need to break the chains and escape, being free to finally express who we really are.

This is Ethscape.
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