"Nudo Contemporaneo" won the 5th place of the contest and selected by the Amedeo Modigliani Institute to be in its "Le Catalogue des Maudits"
"Nudo Contemporaneo" is an artwork that was inspired by some of the most famous paintings of Amedeo Modigliani, in particular the series of nudes that had so much to discuss and outrage a particularly bigoted public, despite the rare and unconventional beauty of these works. This work wants to give a new opportunity and a new life to that unmistakable style of Modigliani, born in a world too precocious and unripe for that splendid ambiguity and sensuality, which would surely have had a different success in the contemporary age. 

But how does this work make this rebirth possible? The contemporary world is evolving at an incredible speed, and this inevitably leads to the fusion of different realities that follow one another. I wanted to represent this phenomenon through the use of different visual elements, which are apparently in contrast with each other. A purely stylistic choice on which I focused particularly, to give a feeling of fusion between the "old" and the "new" world, to enclose both in a single work while maintaining a recognizable identity of the two realities and artists.
Understanding the soul and the essence of the NFT project of the Amedeo Modigliani Institute is the key to understanding this work. Colors, places, images and objects chosen specifically to bring the art of Modigliani to a new life after 100 years, while maintaining the style in a new context but that is ready to welcome him with open arms: the world of Crypto Art.

"Nudo Contemporaneo" attempts to answer the question "What would a work of Amedeo's have looked like if it had been created in the new millennium?" This attempt at an answer, obviously remains so, because it is answered through the mind, eyes and tools of an artist who was born quite some time after the master's era. In spite of this, however, a key step of this creation has been to identify oneself in someone else's existence, knowing their history, to understand and grasp the melancholic elegance that defines and characterizes it.
The subject lying full of sensuality and intimacy, the sinuous and warm lines, the lost and erotic expression of a woman who shows herself in her naked and sensual freedom; Freedom that we see, however, clash with the oppressiveness of consumerism that offends and distracts her; among the various elements that, in an instant, from vintage pass to contemporary. The vice that haunts us and slowly defines us and consumes us, in full expressionist key; the use of warm and unsaturated colors, speaking directly to our soul, tells the dramatic vision of reality that has had enveloped us the last few years.
These are the key elements that make this work live in 2022 and that define the mood I was trying to convey, from the artwork to the emotionality of the viewer. Thanks Istituto Amedeo Modigliani for this great opportunity!

Francesco Scura @francescodvrk
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